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Blessings and Warmest Welcome

You are about to discover a marvelous gift inspired by the Holy Spirit
that will touch your heart and uplift you with divine inspiration.

  Daily Message  
  Click on the image or select a name from the menu below to get your "card for the day".  
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Expect Jesus to create miracles in your life.

  • Jesus' words will uplift you, give you hope and fill you with love.
  • His message will touch your heart and guide you to move forward.
  • You will find that Jesus' words will heal you and bring you peace.
  • You will feel inspired and grateful.
  • Miracles will naturally unfold in your life and in the lives of others.
  • United weekly in prayer, we are creating a better world.
Select a card. Let Jesus inspire you now.

We can all benefit from inspiration and guidance at different times in our lives and we believe that the Our Gentle Brother Jesus Speaks® cards will bless you in many ways through Jesus’ words and their message.

Experience the miracle of these cards by ordering a set for yourself, family and friends.

As well, be sure to check out This Gentle Wave, our weekly prayer/meditation newsletter.

We invite you to join This Gentle Wave to bring more harmony and love into the world.Tell a friend to visit this site so that they too may be touched with this profound inspiration.

We trust you will enjoy what you find here. If you wish to contact us, please feel free to send us Feedback

Our Gentle Brother Jesus Speaks® cards make wonderful gifts!


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